"...How much more meaningful it becomes if one wears a bit of humility that allows him to acknowledge that it is truly God who is the Master Craftsman. He uses us. Our hands are His instruments." -Sam Maloof

Our master bed from black walnut timbers. 

Waterfall bubinga for the headboard. 

Underdresser for storage. 

Cherry and walnut vanity. 

Cherry and walnut memory chest. 

Pedal board. 

Cherry and walnut bookcases

River table with hackberry and blue glass. 

Wedding gift Turntable Stand

Wedding gift Waterfall table

Walnut custom Bookcase

Onken Morris Chair

Walnut and Cherry Dining Set

Walnut Bookshelf

Reclaimed Dining Table

Curly Cherry Night Stands for my kids. 

Cherry and Walnut Puzzle Board with drawers.

Cherry and birdseye maple tea tray. 

Curly maple tea shelf.

Mallee burl inlays.

Walnut tabouret table with ebony butterflies. 

Quartersawn white oak Morris chair.

Alder sideboard.

Copper patina top. 

Maple Pantry with tinted birdseye maple panels.

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  1. Your work is amazing brother and reading your story has been inspiring to me, I can tell you are a "model" of man for many of us....never underestimate this page or blog with no comments, cause you never know all the people who are looking at you in silence...but they are witnessing in silence the hand and presence go God over your life. Greetings from your brother in Christ