Saturday, April 15, 2017

My Fatherless Days

Preface: Along with the woodworking madness, I’ve decided to author a few personal blogs. Personal, meaning I’m likely to ramble about my faith, my family, and just about anything else that relates to “worker” as opposed to the “wood.”
I suppose in a way I’m relating to the throngs of online bloggers out there. It’s a form of expression. Perhaps a way to organize thoughts that seem stuck in my head until I can write them down. Maybe folks will get something out of this, maybe they won't. I just know I need to write it. 

While my mother was still pregnant with me, my father passed away due to lingering health issues from a nasty car accident. The stepfather I called "Dad" all growing up was a man named Jack.

"What were you thinking, I have a right to ask
Is there a reason, Other than your past?
The great pretender, Why was I the last
To see through your skin? Is there a'll ever change?"

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Walnut Turntable Stand - A Wedding Song

This special piece was made as wedding gift for my cousin and his bride to be.  They gave me some ideas concerning turntable stands, and I went to work.