Sunday, April 9, 2017

Walnut Turntable Stand - A Wedding Song

This special piece was made as wedding gift for my cousin and his bride to be.  They gave me some ideas concerning turntable stands, and I went to work. 

The timing was perfect because I had just landed some fantastic black walnut slabs from a neighbor.

Stock selection at the bench - so important. I had a couple boards with crotch figure on one end. I place this figure on the lower end of the sides. I liked how it looked like the waves were coming up from the ground. 

Dovetailin'. This is a pattern I like to use. It just says "hand made."

Dry fit action. The pins are intentionally proud. I dig the look.

The inner dividers were set with loose tenons... Festool Domino action there.

Say "no" to plywood;)  These back slats are 3/8" walnut with a half lap joint on each edge. I use a metal ruler as a spacer during install. This leaves room for seasonal movement.

The base is a separate assembly. Simple mortise and tenon joinery here.

I selected a fabulous looking piece of figured walnut for the single door. Since I was leaving it solid (no frame or panel), I installed some batons on the back to keep it flat.

The finish was several coats of General Finishes Arm-R-Seal Satin. Finally, wet-sanded with 1000 grit sandpaper and Howard's Feed-n-wax, silky.

The custom pull was made from ebony and a walnut dowel.

Time to make a crate and get it shipped. It's a special piece and I hope it will be a blessing in their home.

Dylan and Ellie, I can't be there in person but this is the gift God has blessed me with. I send a part of that gift to you for your special day.

Speaking of that, one of the only possessions I have from my father is his guitar.  As a young man I found the hand-written words to this song in his guitar case. He must've like to sing this one. Dedicated to the bride and groom:

Take care,

Dan Westfall